Friday, 30 October 2009

Other week ( ̄□ ̄)

Right now I'm eating chip and curry (´∀`)
i been coughing all day (ТωT)
i got day off school, wah i miss non stop uniform day...
my mom was like i don't hear you coughing
well i cough when i wanted/need to cough not only in front of you =.=
anyway i been on eBay everyday (^O^)
and been spend all of $80 my dad out in still got $28 left but i just bid on other item
guess what i brought?
boy before flower necklace (=^∀^=)
cecii also brought it too
soo i well getting them next week (better be)
and i forgot what i had order......
ohhhh chiffon white top and jacket.. i'm bidding other right now only me bidding it,if anyone bid it i well kill you(*^_^*)

Soo it my birthday next week.... gonna be 15 T____T
dont want to get *cough* *cough*
i want other new phone again *cough* just got new phone not even for month

i want this dress soo much

isn't it adorable? omg i want it T___T never been into black colour of lolita dress but this print is mega cute

and omg omg have to listen to this song by FFK
Faye (เฟย์) Fang (ฟาง) Kaew (แก้ว) i love them <3 br="br">


Wednesday, 21 October 2009

School = tired

I had horrible week ever T___T
First it was dark and i don't want to get up and it raining all days ><
Also it been like this 3 day better be sunny tomorrow or else ....
How was my day? .i got test first thing in morning it was geography...
i did kinda ok kinda
Then i got biology this
I should have order locker .. oh well if i had i'll lost my key and forgot my stuff LOL
Then we got break then we got P.E (physical education) im really bad at sport
first i was going gymnastic it was ... then you got to do trampoline!!

then it lunch...
Then after lunch we got was funny as in english i had fun..

I kinda miss thailand,  i went to school and say goodbye to my friend...

I hope tomorrow is better day going to have early bed tonight <3 br="br">i want to live in Japan man....
and that most of your wish too right?
let save up money and go to japan

Monday, 28 September 2009

100 Subscribers!!!! on YT

it was yetherday hoping for 1 more person to subscribe to me :L

my day at school
first period i got was hairdressing
 we were doin writing work

2nd period philsophy
we get to watch vide XD

Registration: forum class where they hand out stuff for you to go home, reading out stuff .i well be off on friday then it other holiday for me 2 week

3rd period Hospitality:
we were cleaning the cooker and time past by lalalalala

4th period Accounting&;Finance:
OMG why did i even take this T___T
Im getting bad at it 
lucky this topic was easy last one was like cash budget and balance sheet  and the change of it O_O i still wonder how did i got full mark for test. nope i didn't guess you get to write it down really longgg took me age to do did and i got them all right i was happy i was like ehhhh full mark i thought i would get to lowest mark

i went down town as normal i used my 10 pound bank <3 my dad give me bank now. i went to tesco tesco too many people. omg i still got chocolate i bought haha

5th period math:
we were doing really easy stuff which i did in 1st year. i got 3 different teacher so i never got homework -lucky-

6th period geography:
It was funny how 3 people got sent out of class to our class. i was like imagine that like 10 people got send out. but we were doing maping stuff which i kindda get it :L

that my  day

here come tomorrow
i better do my account homewor

Sunday, 27 September 2009

Koharu last photobook "suger doll"

Koharu look really pretty in this
can't wait to see her as pro-model

want the dress ><

Saturday, 19 September 2009


the antumn i love antumn the sky are tooo pretty in scotland

here some picture i took

Thursday, 17 September 2009

Welcome to my blog~

first post :)
Thank for visiting

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