Wednesday, 21 October 2009

School = tired

I had horrible week ever T___T
First it was dark and i don't want to get up and it raining all days ><
Also it been like this 3 day better be sunny tomorrow or else ....
How was my day? .i got test first thing in morning it was geography...
i did kinda ok kinda
Then i got biology this
I should have order locker .. oh well if i had i'll lost my key and forgot my stuff LOL
Then we got break then we got P.E (physical education) im really bad at sport
first i was going gymnastic it was ... then you got to do trampoline!!

then it lunch...
Then after lunch we got was funny as in english i had fun..

I kinda miss thailand,  i went to school and say goodbye to my friend...

I hope tomorrow is better day going to have early bed tonight <3 br="br">i want to live in Japan man....
and that most of your wish too right?
let save up money and go to japan

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