Monday, 28 September 2009

100 Subscribers!!!! on YT

it was yetherday hoping for 1 more person to subscribe to me :L

my day at school
first period i got was hairdressing
 we were doin writing work

2nd period philsophy
we get to watch vide XD

Registration: forum class where they hand out stuff for you to go home, reading out stuff .i well be off on friday then it other holiday for me 2 week

3rd period Hospitality:
we were cleaning the cooker and time past by lalalalala

4th period Accounting&;Finance:
OMG why did i even take this T___T
Im getting bad at it 
lucky this topic was easy last one was like cash budget and balance sheet  and the change of it O_O i still wonder how did i got full mark for test. nope i didn't guess you get to write it down really longgg took me age to do did and i got them all right i was happy i was like ehhhh full mark i thought i would get to lowest mark

i went down town as normal i used my 10 pound bank <3 my dad give me bank now. i went to tesco tesco too many people. omg i still got chocolate i bought haha

5th period math:
we were doing really easy stuff which i did in 1st year. i got 3 different teacher so i never got homework -lucky-

6th period geography:
It was funny how 3 people got sent out of class to our class. i was like imagine that like 10 people got send out. but we were doing maping stuff which i kindda get it :L

that my  day

here come tomorrow
i better do my account homewor

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