Sunday, 6 January 2013

Christmas & New year ヽ(  ̄д ̄;)ノ (food)

How was everyone new year? 
Mine it's okay.

I haven't blog since for long time XD
I had good time during this holiday,they were some part that were down. During new year i ended up countdown in car while traveling down to my house for new year lol. I was working on new year eve and expecting to be back home before midnight well that was kinda ruined.

Everything was about food 
I been eating too much
i gain my weight back after been on diet for months i lose 3kg and now it's back or prob even gain more lol (;¬_¬) 

on 03.01.13 i went to Thai Orchid
If you ever in Edinburgh please visits there.
My friend mum is the owner of the shop so we get dicount ho ho XD
 The food was amazing. 
We were quite late so we order on phone and excepting take away but when we got there the shop was only two another customber there and we get our right away. 
Feel very VIP thank you Pa' Khew   

On Saturday we went yes sushi but expecting to go another shop with cheaper sushi but since we got up late lol
I had tonkatsu don it was good it full me up all day i seriously need to buy japanese rice xD 

   Thank you for reading 
i have another cakeporn post up coming and it's taken by my new camera canon 600D 


  1. bon appetit :D the food look so delicous :D
    I'm jealous now hihi

  2. I gain so much weigh so shouldn't be jelly XD

  3. Looks so so delicious. *o*~~! Wish I could have some!

  4. Lovely blog! x

  5. looks so yum!!!!!!wanna eat!!!!!!!

  6. hello dear! ! i tagged you to receive LIEBSTER AWARD
    just check my blog for more info!
    hope we can be friend ^^


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