Saturday, 22 September 2012

Alton tower!

I went on Alton tower trip with school on 15th Sept 
It was great fun but the bus journey trip was killing me 
it was 8 hours on bus and 8 hours back.... so like 16hours sitting in chair
 i couldn't get a blink of sleep due some idiots was too noisy and start singing at 5am in the morning? 
what worse thing was they sang one direction song.. (don't let me start)

One we got there we waited outside for to get in
and once i got inside was beautiful!
and it was lovely sunny day i had nice walk around the place
I really want to do dance cover here it's so pretty

Was enjoying ice cream while walking as well

That morning the first ride i went go was the hex it wasn't that much but i hear story about it was haunt "It is said that children haunt the ride, throwing stones unsuspectingly at visitors and staff." from wiki

Then we wait for a while for Rita it was fun :D
but the sit was stink of sweat smell yuck

After that had a quite long walk to Oblivion I got the picture but my friend still haven't scan it for me =.= and went to Submission is was hurting my leg when turn upside down :/

Was doing well until.. i had ice cream LOL
was feel a bit dizzy so i didn't went on Nemesis and Air which i wish i went on it :/
I actually sit down and feel i was seeing black circles moving on the floor..

I went and eat hot dog with chip it was like £5.45 and get so little..meh ( was actually waiting in Rita queue but it was TOO LONG)
feel better after ate something

Then we went on WATER ride the flume
it was fun it was longer ride then i was expected O_O
 i was soaking lah

After that went Congo river rapids after wait 40mins on line feel like waste of time it wasn't that fun.. 

We random just go inside the Sharkbait reef by sea life 
actually i had fun looking at fish LOL

Jelly fish is most interesting thing

Then on Thirteen then had nice walk back and sit down to rest was really tired xD

I just notice i didn't went on that much ride O_O
I mean waiting for one ride take 30mins we had fast pass but for Air, Nemesis and Oblivion only..

I wish i went to kid part LOL
i just love cute thing

Ah i wanna go back again

Thank you for reading ^^


  1. So beautiful photos! You look really pretty! I love your hair :33

  2. This looks like a lot of fun. XD
    I'm terrible with haunted houses ...I scare too too easily. >_>;
    Thanks for following me! I'm following back. ^_^

    1. It wasn't even haunt house it just telling you scary story
      heh thank you <3

  3. i love the photos you took!

    great blog xx

  4. the pictures are so cute *_* you are a beautiful girl! your blog is very lovely and interesting. im glad if you visit my blog, too <3



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