Saturday, 1 September 2012

【2】 ♡ Dreamv Shoes review

As many of you might know Dreamv is Japanese fashion shop which have many cute/sexy/casual design clothes&shoes& accs and it's very cheap (for Japanese standard clothing)
My fav line is Princess since they're many cute design and the shoes is sooo cute!

Link to the shop here 

I had purchases my shoes around December time just for my Xmas dance
The design are lovely and very cute, everyone at the dance said my shoes was cute but Im not really sure.. haha they prob think it's too childish 
The shoes was £17 convert from Japanese yen to pound and yen at that time was really low so it should have been around £15-16  so around 2000+yen cheap huh?
The shoes price wasn't bad but it's the shipping fee +international shipping fee tax
it freaking expensive!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I used shopping service Treasure Japan since i don't have visa card (they only accept visa, master) Their Commission are cheaper then other shopping service i highly recommend this place, my friend use it as well ^^
It would be around same price if you just buy from their direct shop since their do ship international. BUT their only use EMS for shipping + their do charge you international shippin Tax
No no no do not use EMS they're expensive and trust me not worth it...
Well it take 5 days to my house (UK) 
and i got to pay for Domestic shipping,International shipping, Tax, Fee i end up spend in total of £42
WHICH MEAN i spend around £25 on shipping+  (okay i was stupid using EMS in first place)

With Treasure Japan, You can choose shipping, the 2nd time i use their service i choose SAL,  It only take a week to my house!!!
so EMS 5 days
SAL 7 days
2 days different but SAL is much cheaper (and my item was heavy as well)

If you don't know which shipping is best you can request them how much each of shipping would cost before their ship to you.

Okay enough with ranting  xD
Here the picture

Cute huh?  but the bow at the front wasn't even same size ;-;
no one would notice it anyway but the side bow fell off, when i wear it for first time and it wasn't just one bow another side  fall off as well.... gaaah so i left with one bow on each side of shoes which look not even at cute anymore lah thinking just cut the freaking bow off... 

Not to mention my feet got  bad  blisters when i wear it for hours i just take it off since it killing my feet ( i even put extra pad on it but it freaking sore)

-Cute design

-Poorly mad, the bow wasn't even same size at the front, and it fall off.
-Hurt my feet so much got badly blisters and i still got the blisters mark from since
-Not even worth it price im sure you can buy £5
 shoes from china and it could better then this. 
-Cheap material, got scratch just wearing them not even hours

After all
 i might give them another chance buying their shoes, but prob would be clothe ,boot, wages or flat im not buying their heel again.
Please tell me about your dreamv shoes if you ever had purchases from them before ^^ 


  1. So pretty shoes! :3

  2. Love the shoes, too bad for the pain :(

    I tagged you in my new post about " The Liebster Award" I nominated you :DDD Here is the link at my blog


  3. great post~! ^^ the shoes are adorable, am sad to hear that it hurt :(

    looking forward to your upcoming ones~!


  4. walking here with a smile. take care.. have a nice day ~ =)

    Regards, (A Growing Teenager Diary) ..

  5. They're ridiculously cute, but too bad the quality is so poor. :(

    1. Yeah i read some other review they also have blisters as well.
      I think i will purchases boot from them give it a chance next time ^^

  6. Wow, I thought the shoes were pretty cute but so sad to read that they are only shitty quality :/ I lived in Japan for a year and have to say that most of their clothes/shoes quality sucks a lot, compared to European standard ._.""

    1. Yeah, but most of japanese shop in Shibuya much higher standard
      it looks nice but the quality not worth it price

  7. eh.. I'm very cautious about purchasing these. Looks great in photos but quality sucks

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