Thursday, 21 June 2012

Morning Musume 「One・Two・Three」 outfit design from Alice and the Pirates?


So the MV come out today after they show us the dance ver few week ago
I really like the mv :D
and i love the outfit concept ero-kawaii 

Ayumi & Haruka is my fav member, after Gaki san left ;-;
 im still heart broke okay? Gaki san was my fav member since Konkon left 
 Reason why i never blog about it because it would take forever to xD

Here my MM ranking so far it might change after few months 
and the outfit showing
Bird cage jumper skirt :Alice and the Pirates

 Side by side comparing XD
As you see they had added bow & the skirt is shorter and the fabric of skirt seem to be silk or the lighting it different

Anyone interested of buying it's 26,040yen  (around £220)
haha im too broke to affort such expensive dress
I been wanting Baby dress since i was 1st year of high school now im 6th year still haven't own one :/
Maybe one of my goal of 2013 haha


  1. OMG I loved the new clothes of them, I wonder how their new single will be then *___*
    But yes I also wondered about the similar style O_O

    1. Me too, the new member been growing to me lately
      also 11th gen will be adding soon mm would be full of member XD
      it's so sad to think that soon Reina ans Sayu would leaving one day ;-;


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