Saturday, 10 March 2012

Fashion looks: Dip Hem are in tread this spring ♥

Every shop i walk in to all i see is those dip hem skirt! I love those so much but i don't it doesn't suit me tbh XDHaven't tired it on yet since I didn't have much cash with me if i try it on i know i will want it!I love Liz Lisa spring collection so much *_*
Liz lisa collection

Then i take a look the shop over in uk i found this! ;)

from left to rightRare Dip Hem Belted Dress
Rare One Shoulder Dip Hem Dress
Pink mesh dipped hem skirt
Una Spotted Chiffon Mixi Skirt

Cute right? blah im broke atm so i can't buy any cute clothes T__T
I'm opening my online shop soon so look forward to it :D


  1. I love Liz Lisa it's one of my favourite Gyaru brands and I plan to buy many things from them when I visit Japan. Not only is it cute they produce high quality clothing which is why I love it so much, yes they do have pricey looking tags but I will save up!!

    I'm not a fan of Western fashion as I find it boring and a lot more dull, especially in comparison to Liz Lisa the bright cuteness just isn't there. This why I like buying things online, especially on eBay since I know 1 seller who lives in Japan and she sells Gyaru clothes that are authentic, but shipping wise....It's expensive when looking at my bank statement.

    Great post!!

    I think I'd like a pretty hem skirt or dress for summer, but London looks so grey even though it's spring so...I'm not even sure if we're even going to have a happy sunny summer this year T__T

  2. Yeah Liz lisa is more lace! i love lace *__*
    ikr! it may now and it going to snow wut!
    i wishing for nice and sunny summer~
    im saving up to buy liz lisa as well and just going to use shopping service -why are they so expensive- T__T


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