Wednesday, 3 August 2011

My exam results!

After worrying how i did on my exams I got text by SQA today i didn't excepting it to come but it did XD
It actually came out better then i thought i did apart from accounts
Really hate the feeling im having right now O_O having feeling all over place i feel happy yet heavy in my heart that telling
myself i need to do better next time
Ok it first i thought i did bad but after giving a thought about it i actually did good
not amazing getting all A & credits but ok...

Here my results: duh duh duh
can u guess which subject i hate most...

Math int 2: - C
Biology int 1 - B
Hospitality int 1 - B
accounts and finance SG - 5
Art Design SG - 2
English SG - 3
Geography SG - 4
Maths SG - 3

grade code: (for those don't know)
SG=standard grade
order of grade: A = highest
1-2 =credit
3-4 =general
5-6 =foundation
7 =failed

For Math int 2: - C at first look i got C i first thought omg i failed? omg i getting to dropped out my higher class for sure... T__T and yes i thought it was end of the word I DID i would have to do int 2 again for those over two years was for nothing... but i phone my friend she said she said well done you pass me i did? she got F i was shocked since she did better then me in prelim i think... she also got tutors for maths XD
So i did happy dance knowing that it actually Good that i got C LOL
Maths SG - 3 = ok i had like six paper exams on all the maths totally. i only get to do foundation and general for SG it was soo easy since im sitting in int2 maths but Cecii did credits for her maths xDD
Get to stay my higher class <3
Biology int 1 - B ~ ok biology was easy easy since first 20 question it was ABCD ok all the stuff i did quick study on was never on the exam but i actually got B like in my prelim XD
im not taking biology this year since it either higher art or int2
shit subject choice
Hospitality int 1 - B ~
hmm i got 3 out of 5 on my writing and i got like 54 out of 65 on my cooking thing i was on my art trip when she show me to cook soup and grill toast which i burned mine 3 times LOL so i give up and cut up burn toast on my soup not nice but i taste good thought XDD
taking int 2 this year loving my class getting along with everyone :D
accounts and finance SG - 5
This subject i been hating on since first day i was in the class.. (the only reason why i got to take account because computing class was full T_T)
not only i suck at it i didn't get it at all O_O
"You need to be good at maths to good at account"that is SOO not true you just need the basic and you even allow to use calculatei was ills on that day (no excuse) i
was sniffing in the silence room was soo embarrassing this lady give me tissue paper people in the room think i should shut the hell up since i can't help it T__T i actully missed 3/4 paper on general
I'm not taking Account anymore baby~ WOO

Art Design SG - 2
I didn't happy with my final work as i said on FB i stayed after school and did extra work for my preparation for the exam but at the end i feel like i didn't give all my best and doing all the work half-heart
which i didn't get to show my best on the work i think i actually got 3 for my works and my critial essay pulled it up since my teacher said i should be getting credits for my both essay.
Art is really important subject to me since im planning to go art uni which thinking doing fashion & design those kind of course
i thought i was sure of it but right now im feeling unsure what i actually want to do..
i just don't have confident in myself at all..but i will do my best even after seeing other people work i thinks im still not that good yet..i know i shouldn't comparing myself to other
i wish art teacher actually teach you even basic stuff which it actually important
stuck with same teacher T^T
English SG - 3
Shock shock shockkkk i wasn't expecting this grade

i guess hard work pay off
 i think im getting moved into int 2 class which give hope of doing higher english for next year and be able to go uni without needing to go college for my higher english he he he
which give me even more worry

Geography SG - 4
again all the hard stuff i quick study was not in exams it was really easy O_O but i didn't get 3 i suppose i all the stuff i study wasn't even in exam
oh well good memory in geography i actually wish apply for the swis trip that the regret i had

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