Tuesday, 7 January 2014

My korean (style) rhinoplasty story part 1

 before &  5 after surgery

This going to be very long post. Okay I had blog before that I'm going to get my nose surgery and I really did get it done lol and I did write a little post about it on my personal facebook.
I just want to tell about my experience and what you need to know  before-after you have nose plastic surgery.  

**Warning I'm not telling everyone that you should get it done, and I am not an expert here so I'm only telling my "own" experience**

I had mine done at clinic in Bangkok (Not in korean sadly, Sorry i won't be telling where, unless you ask me personal ^^;)
 I did a lot of research and even stalk people on facebook that had it done there and ask them a lot of question. 

What you should know before getting your nose surgery done?

1. Do your research?
 It's very important you know the location and price. Is the place is reliable? (making sure it's not a scam, or the place isn't as good as they claim to be e.g the doctor do mostly bad job for cheap price)

2.Is the place surgery is a clinic or hospital?
If it hospital then they will be different kind doctor. Big point is each doctor have different style just like an artist. You should know that their outcome of surgery will turn out different from each other so I recommend you to take a look at the doctor before/after picture to get idea of the outcome and their style of surgery will be like.
If it a clinic then you need to make sure it's not a scam! (very important.) Make sure they have few location of clinic or a well known place. since a lot of popular surgeon that used to be in hospital tend to have their own clinic after being well-known.

3. Go to the clinic or hospital BEFORE you decided to pay or get your surgery done.
 What worst is a lot of place ask you to pay high price deposit and own to under name of worker someone who claim to work there (which highly to be scam)
I went in the clinic and manage to get appointment 4-5day after in other branch.  (they have about 10 branch in Bangkok)

4. Do you really want the surgery?
You should asked yourself first that do you really want it done? Do you really need to? (I watch the surgery video more than one time to make sure I know what exactly would happen to me)

5. Lastly getting prepare for the surgery. 
I had nothing much to prepare for (apart from my heart LOL) since I'm not getting to put into sleep. Just make sure you didn't have any alcohol 24hrs before the surgery.  (I recommend you buy travel pillow since after surgery you can't sleep on side way)

In next post I'll post more picture and feel free to ask any question in comment

Saturday, 8 June 2013

Announcement and Big surprise!

OMG I don't know how I should put this I'm going to Thailand for 2 months!! In like 10days (even my friend got to count this for me LOL)

Well my family actually don't know that me and my mum is going heh
So it's going to be big surprise for them (my mum done this to me before she just like to appear out of nowhere wtf)

I want to tell everyone that Im freaking going but I can't... So i thought I would write it here. 

So the plan was my family think that they're going to meet my mum "friend" in Chiang rai and pick the gift that my mum had give to her friend to give them. Well it isn't just going to be only gift XDD

I haven't been back for like 4 years? The last time I there in 2009 due to my dad had passed away. (I was only there for 2 weeks)

So I miss Thailand so much! Feeling so unreal xD

I'm not going to bring my laptop with me so i will be hiatus again =.=
(even i don't blog much) 

You can follow me on twitter and instragram I would post some picture there ^^  both username is momo_tenshi

So my plan to be while I'm in ~Thailand

1. Eat!! omg gonna eat ton of food and shit that i haven't eat for sooo LONG and food over there is SOOO CHEAP.

2. Loose weight! LOL I don't know how this gonna work since im gonna eat ton of shit. since i will be sweat a lot so so so XD

3. Getting a bit of tan while on beach :D Mum saying that we are going to Phuket  and Ko Samet.

4. Nose surgery, I'm getting silicone putting in my nose for higher nose bridge haha (this is something i want since i was young, i ask my mum when im turned 18 im going to get it and she agreed for me to do it since she got her done too )

5. Going to different place and meeting up with my friend XD

6.Camwhore camwhore and camwhore and eat and eat and eat

Friday, 7 June 2013

【2】Review ❀ Dolly Eye Pop C Light Grey ❀ circle lens from Uniqso

Hello, long time since I blog.
 I just finish my exam finally =.= 
I would like to review lens from Uniqso that kindly sponsor to me 
Also you can use "momo1014" for 10% discount

Their shipping are really fast I received mine just within one week, and their packaging are so cute as well ^^ 
(I did take photo but it was with my old camera so it doesn't look that good ^^;)

The name of this lens is Dolly Eye Pop C Light Grey 
it's like bigger version of Geo Super Angel Grey  

find out more design  category here

Design: 5/5
 I love the design of this lens, it give you dolly eye look.
The black ring outside lens really give your eye pop effect also this lens give ur eyes kira kira effect as well. It reflect the light so well.
Comfort: 3.5/5
I feel that this brand lens (EOS) just don't fit in my eye curve :(   I feel the lens doesn't right at beginning but after 10 mins it feel comfortable. (not because the lens are dirty since it didn't hurt xD if that ever happen take your lens off and put them on again)

Enlargement: 4/5
It only 15mm lens so it doesn't you BIG effect but I like to have smaller lens since i can wear it without putting much make up and not looking scary XD
As you see how shiny and large my eye look compare to my friend who don't wear any lens at all XD (photo taken from gwiyomi)

Also the reason why i pick this lens because of Izuoka Mizaki she's one of my fav model. She old style used to be so cute since she used to be in Popteen but know she's in new magazine called "KATE" I'm more happy for her since she one of the main model and get to be in center more since she doesn't get to be on much page in Popteen.

Ps i will try her old make up look later on xD

Thank you for reading

Saturday, 4 May 2013



Totally out of trend now but bringing it back! haha 

Sunday, 6 January 2013

Christmas & New year ヽ(  ̄д ̄;)ノ (food)

How was everyone new year? 
Mine it's okay.

I haven't blog since for long time XD
I had good time during this holiday,they were some part that were down. During new year i ended up countdown in car while traveling down to my house for new year lol. I was working on new year eve and expecting to be back home before midnight well that was kinda ruined.

Everything was about food 
I been eating too much
i gain my weight back after been on diet for months i lose 3kg and now it's back or prob even gain more lol (;¬_¬) 

on 03.01.13 i went to Thai Orchid
If you ever in Edinburgh please visits there.
My friend mum is the owner of the shop so we get dicount ho ho XD
 The food was amazing. 
We were quite late so we order on phone and excepting take away but when we got there the shop was only two another customber there and we get our right away. 
Feel very VIP thank you Pa' Khew   

On Saturday we went yes sushi but expecting to go another shop with cheaper sushi but since we got up late lol
I had tonkatsu don it was good it full me up all day i seriously need to buy japanese rice xD 

   Thank you for reading 
i have another cakeporn post up coming and it's taken by my new camera canon 600D 

Thursday, 27 September 2012

short blog October break ~

Hihai after friday afternoon finally going to have 2 weeks break 
I had done many test few week so sorry haven't been blogging
I'm going to Edinburgh to stay with bf
also going to be working as well as waitress, I don't get much wages yet since im still newbie but i had work there over summer
so i could save up around £150
So hopefully by end of October i could able to buy camera that i want and can take more HD photo & video on youtube

Saturday, 22 September 2012

Alton tower!

I went on Alton tower trip with school on 15th Sept 
It was great fun but the bus journey trip was killing me 
it was 8 hours on bus and 8 hours back.... so like 16hours sitting in chair
 i couldn't get a blink of sleep due some idiots was too noisy and start singing at 5am in the morning? 
what worse thing was they sang one direction song.. (don't let me start)

One we got there we waited outside for to get in
and once i got inside was beautiful!
and it was lovely sunny day i had nice walk around the place
I really want to do dance cover here it's so pretty

Was enjoying ice cream while walking as well

That morning the first ride i went go was the hex it wasn't that much but i hear story about it was haunt "It is said that children haunt the ride, throwing stones unsuspectingly at visitors and staff." from wiki

Then we wait for a while for Rita it was fun :D
but the sit was stink of sweat smell yuck

After that had a quite long walk to Oblivion I got the picture but my friend still haven't scan it for me =.= and went to Submission is was hurting my leg when turn upside down :/

Was doing well until.. i had ice cream LOL
was feel a bit dizzy so i didn't went on Nemesis and Air which i wish i went on it :/
I actually sit down and feel i was seeing black circles moving on the floor..

I went and eat hot dog with chip it was like £5.45 and get so little..meh ( was actually waiting in Rita queue but it was TOO LONG)
feel better after ate something

Then we went on WATER ride the flume
it was fun it was longer ride then i was expected O_O
 i was soaking lah

After that went Congo river rapids after wait 40mins on line feel like waste of time it wasn't that fun.. 

We random just go inside the Sharkbait reef by sea life 
actually i had fun looking at fish LOL

Jelly fish is most interesting thing

Then on Thirteen then had nice walk back and sit down to rest was really tired xD

I just notice i didn't went on that much ride O_O
I mean waiting for one ride take 30mins we had fast pass but for Air, Nemesis and Oblivion only..

I wish i went to kid part LOL
i just love cute thing

Ah i wanna go back again

Thank you for reading ^^

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