Tuesday, 7 January 2014

My korean (style) rhinoplasty story part 1

 before &  5 after surgery

This going to be very long post. Okay I had blog before that I'm going to get my nose surgery and I really did get it done lol and I did write a little post about it on my personal facebook.
I just want to tell about my experience and what you need to know  before-after you have nose plastic surgery.  

**Warning I'm not telling everyone that you should get it done, and I am not an expert here so I'm only telling my "own" experience**

I had mine done at clinic in Bangkok (Not in korean sadly, Sorry i won't be telling where, unless you ask me personal ^^;)
 I did a lot of research and even stalk people on facebook that had it done there and ask them a lot of question. 

What you should know before getting your nose surgery done?

1. Do your research?
 It's very important you know the location and price. Is the place is reliable? (making sure it's not a scam, or the place isn't as good as they claim to be e.g the doctor do mostly bad job for cheap price)

2.Is the place surgery is a clinic or hospital?
If it hospital then they will be different kind doctor. Big point is each doctor have different style just like an artist. You should know that their outcome of surgery will turn out different from each other so I recommend you to take a look at the doctor before/after picture to get idea of the outcome and their style of surgery will be like.
If it a clinic then you need to make sure it's not a scam! (very important.) Make sure they have few location of clinic or a well known place. since a lot of popular surgeon that used to be in hospital tend to have their own clinic after being well-known.

3. Go to the clinic or hospital BEFORE you decided to pay or get your surgery done.
 What worst is a lot of place ask you to pay high price deposit and own to under name of worker someone who claim to work there (which highly to be scam)
I went in the clinic and manage to get appointment 4-5day after in other branch.  (they have about 10 branch in Bangkok)

4. Do you really want the surgery?
You should asked yourself first that do you really want it done? Do you really need to? (I watch the surgery video more than one time to make sure I know what exactly would happen to me)

5. Lastly getting prepare for the surgery. 
I had nothing much to prepare for (apart from my heart LOL) since I'm not getting to put into sleep. Just make sure you didn't have any alcohol 24hrs before the surgery.  (I recommend you buy travel pillow since after surgery you can't sleep on side way)

In next post I'll post more picture and feel free to ask any question in comment

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